The History and Local Post of

(Revised and updated – 2009)


John Wells

Available November 2009 - Limited Print Run

The first reference book of its kind in the world to be published, containing the history and local post of Rattlesnake Island - the only local airmail postal service to exist in the whole of the United States of America. Included is a complete illustrated list of all the stamps issued, plus a selection of errors and varieties, all in full colour. Read about the various occupants of the island, the defeat of the British in battles fought around the islands of Lake Erie, the hazards of early postal services, the famous Ford Tri-Motor - “The Tin Goose”, the people involved in the local post service and much, much more. Details of these unique and much sought after stamps and other information contained in this book is a must for all collectors. Its handy size makes it an ideal gift for young and not so young alike.

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